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Unique Hand-crafted Alpaca Products

This page previews our products whilst we work on our on-line shop. Please feel free to contact us directly or arrange to come and see us in person. Or go to our SimplyAlpaca Shop Facebook page
Alpacas were revered by the Incas for the fineness of the fabric and garments that could be produced from their fleece; light, soft, lustrous and very warm due to the hollow nature of the fibres.

It is extremely strong and durable and without the "tickle factor" of some woollen products; many who can't wear wool next to the skin find that they have no problems with alpaca fibre.

Only the royalty of ancient times wore these luxurious garments so we are striving to produce quality fibre at reasonable prices for you to use and wear.

All of our products come in a range of natural and dyed colours.

If you don't see anything you like, please allow me to create a piece that will be truly personal to you.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss a commission please Contact Us or call Victoria on 07980 587562 

We have just received our yarn back from the Mill, so lovely new colours in stock....

Spindle Spinning Kit
Drop Spindle Spinning Kits
Drop Spindle Spinning Kits with fibre and full illustrated instructions to get you going.

A Drop Spindle is a great introduction to spinning. It's very portable, and is a relaxing and rewarding way to produce yarn. Just take your time as you go through these simple steps, and you'll be spinning in no time!

Felting Kit
Felting Kits
Get crafty and creative with these alpaca fibre felting kits.

Includes natural or dyed prepared fibre, bubble wrap and full illustrated instructions.
All you need is hot water, a very little washing up liquid and plenty and elbow grease!

Greetings Cards
Greetings Cards
New range of blank greetings cards now available with thanks to Kanzeon, Jorvik, Willow and Sebastian for their pictures.

£3 each or a set for £10.
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
Hand crocheted alpaca wrist warmers, great for keeping hands warm when you still need your fingers free for fiddly jobs.

Available in a number of colours.


Make a set with a matching "skinny" scarf for £40
Skinny Scarves
"Skinny" Scarves
Extra long "Skinny" scarves in various colours to double up and loop through to wear


 Add Wrist warmers to make a matched set £40
Alpaca Yarn
100% Pure Alpaca Yarn from our Herd
We have some stunning, soft yarns in solid and blended colours. Please contact us if you would like a picture of anything in particular.

Lightweight DK 100gm
Brown and Fawn Barber Pole
Black, White and Grey Barber Pole                                      
Mid Fawn
Light Fawn
Light Grey

4 Ply 100gm                        £17.00

Double Knitting  100gm     £15.00
Dark Fawn

Chunky   100gm    £14.00
Fawn and White Barber Pole
Brown and White Barber Pole
Brown Tweed mix

3 Ply Lace Weight   100gm  £15.00

50gm Rose Grey                   £9.00

50gm Hand Dyed                  £10.00

100gm Hand Painted           £18.50
Roosting Pocket
Felted Roosting Pockets £10
How do birds keep warm when it’s windy and rainy or when it’s cold and snowy?

These small, hanging shelters are made of 100% alpaca fleece to give birds an escape from the cold and wet, which is especially difficult in winter when many trees lose their leaves.                                         

This fibre uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool with incomparable strength and insulating qualities to protect the alpacas from the extremes of temperature found in their homeland of  the Andes.                                                                          

You can offer this luxury to your garden birds with these roosting pockets. They are quite durable and will last several seasons. And they’re ideal for small birds that tend to roost alone, such as blue

Place in sheltered areas where there is good cover in trees or bushes out of reach from cats.
Felted Soap
Felted Soap Large £4.75, Guest £2.75
Carefully hand made soaps with moisturizing and essential oils and none of the harsh chemicals of commercial soaps. These are then wrapped in alpaca fibre and felted to create a wash cloth and soap in one. The felt shrinks around the soap as it is used and gentle enough to exfoliate the face and body. Fabulous in the bathroom or to give as an unusual gift. 

Excellent for gardener’s hands, keep a bar at the kitchen sink. For arthritic or children’s tiny hands, the firbe makes it easier to hold onto your bar of soap and this cosy bar lasts longer than standard soap. After every use, store it on a soap dish that will allow all sides to dry out. Simply discard the fibre after the soap is gone. 
Alpaca Earrings
Silver Alpaca Earrings £15
Delicate cut out alpaca earrings in solid silver in presentation box complete with drawstring bag.
Nesting Material
Alpaca Nesting Material £2.50
A 100% natural product ideal for your birds' nest building requirements.

Alpaca fibre is as soft as cashmere, but is one of the strongest animal fibres in the world - just what your birds would choose! 

It is also lightweight and ideal as a natural product to offer your garden birds to encourage them in their nest building activities.

Alpaca fibre uniquely shares the characteristics of both hair and wool with incomparable insulating qualities to protect the alpacas from the extreme temperatures found in their homeland of the Andes.

Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca fibre isn't sticky with lanolin making it easier for birds to select and extract what they require for nest building.

Hot Chocolate Brown
Hot Chocolate Brown - Fine DK 100gm £16.00
Hot Chocolate Brown from Bournville and Amy.
Soft Brown Fleck
Soft Brown Fleck - 100gm £15
Soft Brown Fleck 3 ply Lace weight yarn, a mix of all the browns and fawns.
Sticky Toffee
Sticky Toffee - Fine DK 100gm £16.00
Sticky Toffee (without the sticky but just as sweet!) from our stud Crusader, Bilberry and Bryony.