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Alpacas give us a way of life that  allows us to get closer to nature and the land.  Anyone who has contact with these curious, gentle and facinating animals cannot help but be inspired .... as we were. The ancient belief is that alpacas were a gift of the goddess Pachamama - the ...


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Welcome to 2024 The Year of the Camelid!

Looking to improve your relationship with your alpacas and llamas?
This year, give them the gift of learning the kind and respectful Camelidynamics approach to handling and working with (rather than against) their very special camelid nature.

Camelidynamics Handler Course
July 23rd-24th
Now is a really good time to start serious halter training now the cria are a bit older, more emotionally mature and have a face large enough to take a halter safely. If you are unsure how to start or have had difficulties in the past or want to find a gentler way to start with the little ones, or indeed alpacas and llamas of any age (especially the most nervous), this is the course for you. These techniques have the added benefit of making all handling and husbandry easier and more enjoyable for you and your animals. 

Training Dates
All training dates for courses are now available on the training page here.

Would you like to work with your animals for the benefit of others through well-being activity and therapy? Our courses will help you identify and clarify what you would like to do and to create plans for how to achieve your goals. 
More details click here

Our Working with Alpacas and Llamas in Animal Assisted Therapy/Activity courses are now fully accredited by The CPD Standards Office.
Find out why that is good news for you here.

Felting Workshops
Get a group of friends together to create a bespoke fibre workshop - have a go at spinning and/or felting.             
Give us a call to arrange a fun day at a time to suit you.

See my latest video about support alpacas here

Camelidynamics has been recognised as an appropriate handling method for vets. See this article I wrote for  Offical Vet Magazine
Details here

Alpacas surprise residents at a local care home.
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Zsa Zsa

Some of you that follow SimplyAlpaca on Facebook will know that we are keen to help Zsa Zsa who came to The Farm Animal Sancuary near Evesham with a companion, also with limb damage, when their owner didn't look after them.

This is our appeal to you, please support this young alpaca to enjoy a full and healthy life by donating whatever you can to The Farm Animal Sancuary 
CPD Standards Accreditation

The Stables Holiday Cottage

Bookings now being taken for 2024.
call Victoria on 07980 587562 to book directly

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Amazing place to spend a few days. Loved meeting the alpacas, ducks and dogs ...